Downtown Dweller

Happy Humpday! Everyone looking forward to the coachella weekend? I have never been to coachella and I think this year I might drive up just to go to neon carnival and maybe a couple of other parties, so I'm pretty excited! (Besides the fact that we might sleep in my boyfriends van hahah.) 
I didn't even plan on this, but I have to say this is a pretty good outfit for coachella if I don't say so myself. Maybe a boot instead of a heel but these UNIF overalls are like my favorite thing ever. 
Also getting tons of compliments on these shoes and I always need a good pair of everyday shoes. I walked around downtown all day with these on (bf dragged me to eggslut (I say it's all hype)) and no complaints here!
I hope everyone has a greet weekend and that if you do go to the festival this year to be safe, drink PLENTY of water, wear sunscreen, get a bathroom buddy, and have LOTS of fun. 


Lack of Color

Not like the death cab for cutie song, although I do like them, but for the name of this hat brand. I think I've mentioned how hat obsessed I've become. This one is a personal favorite because it's almost as big as the beautiful YSL one that I'll probably never own. Also the beauty of it is that it comes in an array of beautiful colors as well as black. Check them out here. How is everyone's humpday out there? My dad bought me a annual pass to Disneyland this year for christmas so he picked me up and my little sister after she got off school and we went for like four hours. It's kind of awesome to go for a short time, not have to plan a whole day of it, already ate dinner, and just go so casually. Disneyland is literally one of my favorite places. I know it's super cheesy, but it never gets old for me. The atmosphere of all the decorations and sweet treats just makes me feel good. So if anyone wants to go with me give a girl a holla! :) Time to watch the finale of AHS now. (btw this show has gone increasingly downhill and I can't believe how good the first season was. Is it just me or do you guys think they should have made the second season about the demon baby?)

Dress/Zara, Cardigan/LF, Shoes/UNIF, Hat/Lack of Color, Various Rings/Vintage and Helter Skelter



Punk rock school girl? I went shopping at the century city mail with braids in my hair minus the choker and two women said "omg I thought you just got out of school but it's a sunday." : /
I guess that's chill but anyways this UNIF charlotte dress is really cute and easy to wear. (By the way it's on sale now and comes in black) Throw it on with flats, heels, a leather jacket, and you're ready to go. These shoes are my best christmas gift from my boyfriend I've been in love with them for awhile and I'm so happy to have them on my feet. Happy Monday! (not)

Charlotte Dress/UNIF, Shoes/ACNE, Choker/Wasteland, Glasses/UNIF